Miniature Food Mold - Sandwich Mold - Air Dry Clay Mold Miniature Food Mold - Sandwich Mold - Air Dry Clay Mold
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A miniature food mold featuring sandwiches!

This mold is flexible enough for you to remove the clay out from the mold even when the clay is not dried. You can bend lightly to release clay from the mold. However this is not a silicone mold so please be gentle to prevent mold breakage!

Ideally, a preferred method for beginners would be to wait till the clay is entirely dried before removing it. It is recommended that you use baby oil to coat the mold lightly before pressing clay into the mold for easier removal of the clay from the mold. If you follow these steps, you should have a wonderful experience with this mold.

This mold comes with a black and white japanese instruction sheet. It has illustrations, so you can follow the steps to make your own sandwiches!

This mold includes shapes for: bread, lettuce, tomatoes, ham, cheese and sunny side up egg.

Make your own sandwich necklace with this mold!

Recommended clay to use includes Hearty Clay, Grace Clay, Cosmos Clay, Resix Clay, Daiso Soft Clay, Pando Clay.

For Polymer clay users, please do not bake the mold in the oven to prevent mold from losing its durability.

Please see 2nd photo to see the measurements.

This is a supply intended for adults. Not suitable for young children.

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