Tips on using UV resin to make miniature containers

Today, I want to spend a little time to give a few tips on using UV resin to make dollhouse miniature containers.

First, a little while ago, someone asked me why the UV resin would turn cloudy. I personally have not encountered this issue. I asked what brand of UV resin she had used. The brand that she uses is different from the one I use and sell in my shop here. So I can only suspect the cloudiness issue that she faced is due to the brand of UV resin that she used. It’s hard to deduce since I did not see the entire process. So there could be other factors as well.

A little while ago, I also realized that if you used the hard UV resin to make miniature mason jars , you need to cut and sand it RIGHT AWAY after it is cured. It becomes so hard to work with if you leave it for a few days.

I took a photo to show you what I’m talking about.

Most of us, when working with resins and molds would end up with “A” once it is cured.

“A” is a state where you have edges spilling over the mold, so when it’s cured, it looks like that. I find it hard to start sanding from “A” state. So I prefer cutting it down considerably before sanding.

“B” is after I’ve snipped off most of the edges with scissors, but before I use my sanding tool.

So my recommendation is to snip off the edges immediately after it is cured. It is way much easier to cut during this stage.

Hope you found this useful!

On another news, I’m clearing out some molds and hence I’m offering a Clearance section in my Etsy shop. Please take a look and thank you for your support!

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