Miniature Push Mold Tips

I’m always learning something new about these fabulous miniature push molds.

I’m especially referring to the dollhouse miniature plates push mold. When you’re making a dollhouse miniature plate, you have to take care of the entire shape and look from a 3D perspective. With this mold, you can turn the mold around to check your work when you make your own plates.

Miniature Push Mold for Dinner Plates

While making my own plates, I also found something absolutely fascinating with this push mold.

I use air dry clay to make my own plates. Today, I am going to share this neat trick after experimenting it several times.

It is truly possible to make perfect miniature plates out from the push mold without sanding or touching up anything! Yes, you heard me! It is possible.

The trick is to use the right amount of clay and use the top push mold to press it to perfection. 

It works beautifully, but you just have to be patient to keep testing with the right amount of clay. Most of you who have the tendency to pick up more than enough clay will need to keep reducing clay until you see zero clay spill over in the mold.

Here are the steps:

1. Roll a ball of clay and press it lightly into the plate mold.

Miniature Plate Mold Tips

2. Then use top push mold to further press to shape.

3. If you see clay spilling over the edge of the mold, remove lid and reduce clay by pinching some out. Repeat Step 1.

Miniature Push Mold Tips

4. Use top push mold to press all around, making sure that your “plate” is even from all sides. Keep checking for spill overs at the same time. Check by looking through the mold from top, bottom and all sides. Do not remove top mold throughout the checking process to prevent the shape from distorting.

5. When you are happy with how the plate looks, just keep the lid on and do not remove it until plate dries entirely. For air dry clay, I estimate that drying time will be about a day.

Miniature Silicone Push Mold Tips

You may open the lid the next day, and let the plate dry further. Until the plate dries entirely, then remove it from the mold. Flip over and you’ll see that the bottom details are all captured nicely!

Have fun creating your plates now!

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