More new molds in my shop!

Hi everyone! March is here! I’ve more new molds that are listed in my shop that I’m excited to share with you.

First up, the dollhouse miniature gummy bear mold! You can make 1:12 scale gummy bears with this as well as 1:6 scale. There are 3 sizes in all you can make, which is so useful!

Next, there is also a dollhouse miniature chocolate seashell mold. This is probably the smallest seashell mold one can find. Definitely suitable for 1:12 scale.

And then, there is also a dollhouse miniature feather or leaf mold. What’s interesting about this mold is that the imprints are very fine and detailed, and does look like a leaf vein, somewhat. I can make leaves with it as well. The quality of the imprints are good. So one doesn’t have to only make feathers with it.

I have more molds coming in my store. Stay tuned!

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