Miniature sweets mold – Air dry clay mold

This miniature sweets mold is the latest in my shop!

Actually this is a true food grade mold, but because the designs are so cute and small, it is great for your miniature crafting needs.

Use your imagination to create realistic, delicious looking fake miniature sweets using this mold. Some of the designs are perfect size to be use as 1/12 dollhouse miniature scale sweets or jellies.

This is different than most of the silicon molds that are design purely for miniature crafting needs. It is highly flexible and feels slightly wobbly on hand.

This mold is also perfect to be used with craft resin!

Tips on how to use:

1. Due to its flexible nature, it’s best to let air dry clay to dry in the mold completely before taking it out.

2. When using craft resin, ensure that you lay the mold on a sturdy hard surface first to avoid movement.

For more details and measurements, hop over to my shop under Dollhouse Miniature Supplies to see more!

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