How To Color Air Dry Clay

One of the things new users to air dry clay would often wonder is how to color air dry clay. I can understand why this question would pop up, especially if you have been using polymer clay or have seen many polymer clay videos. The way to color air dry clay is different from polymer clay.

There is no absolute one way to do it, which is possibly the beauty of air dry clay. There is truly a lot of flexibility in methods and techniques.

The product which I am going to introduce you today will help to achieve colored air dry clay. And the best thing is, it can be used in 2 ways. So it all depends on what you are making, and which way you prefer. All you need to do is spend some time to experiment and try it for yourself!

This clay coloring paint, produced by Tamiya comes in 4 different colours : Cookie, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate

You can probably guess what each color is being used for just by their names.

How To Color Air Dry Clay


The english instruction sheet included with the paint suggests that you mix the color with air dry clay. The good thing is, unlike other water acrylic paints, this paint is quite thick. Therefore it does not make your clay sticky when you use this method. That is a plus point.

Another method that you can use to color your clay is to use it like acrylic paint – Paint your items after they are dried as a last step process. The good thing about this method is that you will save a lot since you only use a bit of paint each time you paint.

The tamiya color paints are now available in my shop here!

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