Holiday Home Ideas – Faux Christmas Macarons Ornaments

Looking for some holiday home ideas this coming christmas?

This idea isn’t entirely new, but I do have a fascination with fake food, or faux macarons in particular. So this was definitely one of the things I wanted to try making.

My friend gave me the opportunity to try my hand in whipping out a few of these to decorate his christmas tree this year. He got so excited and can’t wait to receive them now 🙂

I’m offering this neat faux macaron christmas ornament to you too. Each macaron is handmade by me, so no two pieces will be the same. I hand piped the snow flake design on the shell too and attach a soft white ribbon on the top to finish the look.

The end result is calm, classy and elegant. I hope you love this.

Pop by my etsy shop here to order yours now.

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