Food Miniatures Craft Book – Make Miniature Gateau

I’m pleased to bring you another new Food Miniatures Craft Book review! This book “Making Miniature Gateau” is certainly one of the best ones for 2016! If you’re a fan of making miniature cakes, french desserts and everything sweets, you must not miss out on this one.

miniature cake book

This is a high quality book. Everything that was made in there, was of exceptional high quality, from the texture to the colors. Though in Japanese, the photo step by step instructions were very clear, so everything was easily understood.

Also, the book shows how to make miniature cakes in a slightly larger scale than 1:12 dollhouse scale, but the same techniques apply and you can scale it down appropriately. So I think there is still valuable skills to be learnt from this book.

how to make miniature cakes

I’m going to try to make a couple of it myself, just to showcase how easy it was to follow those instructions. But of course, I think I’ll always change the design a little to suit my own style.

how to make miniature tarts

Really, I can go on about how much value you get in this book, you learn to make so many different cakes and tarts, for the whole list of things, please refer to the actual listing.

how to make miniature cherry tart

Just an example of how clear instructions were!!

I also have another miniature craft book review coming up! 🙂

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