Fake Sweets Book – Sweets Motif Wonderland

I’m pleased to do a review on a recent fake sweets book that I got hold of. The book title is “Sweets Motif Woderland”. Published in 2010, it is written by 4 distinguised japanese clay sweets artists: Mayu Sekiguchi, Toneko Nakajima, Yukari Kumagai, and Miwa Tani.

Fake Sweets Book

This book is very comprehensive with full colored pages. Even though this particular copy I have is translated to Mandarin by the publisher, but rest assured that the quality remains the same. The first few pages of the book lists out all the materials that are being used in the book, alongside with basic techniques of using air dry clay. This craft book is suitable for intermediate to advanced crafters.

For a full comprehensive list of what are the items you will get to learn, you may refer here.

I’ve browsed many clay sweets craft books up to this point, and can say that this is one of the best in terms of both quantity and quality of projects taught! And they do really show step by step details for each project, with colored photos.

I must point out a few of my personal favourites that stood out. They are – Charlotte cake, Dome cakes, Mousse desserts, chocolate decorations. You will know why if you purchase the book to look at it yourself! They look so realistic and good!

I’m dying to try making some of these sweets myself.

You can now get a copy of the book here.

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