New Dollhouse Miniature Molds

Newly stocked dollhouse miniature molds in my shop this week!

I’m pleased to bring you 2 new molds in my shop. There will be more new molds coming your way this year, so please stay tuned and check back often!

The first mold helps you to make several different mini flowers. I know you’ll have a blast with this.

Dollhouse Miniature Mold - Mini Flowers

What I love about this mold is you can make several small enough items fit for 1:12 scale or even 1:24 scale in this single mold! It is flexible, so you can bend it.

But if you want to get the perfect shaped item, I would strongly recommend that you wait till the air dry clay is dried before removing the item out from the clay. This would ensure that your shape stays intact!

The second mold helps you to create several christmas decorations!

Dollhouse Miniature Molds - Christmas Decorations

You can find these molds, along with others in my shop here.

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