Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen – Island Table

I’ve just finished creating this dollhouse miniature kitchen island table and can’t wait to show you all. I tried a new colour too, which has a beautiful name called “Dressing Table Blue”. 🙂

I was in the mood to create this because I had some materials sitting in my bag of to-do for a while now. After I completed a white dessert hutch for a customer, and without breaking the flow, I continued working on this. I find it so much easier to continue with something of a similar concept after not touching it for months.

The blue kitchen island table is cute in a way. But I think due to its height, it would be more suitable as a side kitchen island table. It’s a little shorter than the white dessert hutch. See below photo.

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen - Island Table

With 3 surfaces available, there is ton of space to put things! There is another neat thing here. The side of the blue kitchen island table has a handle which you can hang kitchen towels or pots if you like. 🙂

Dollhouse Miniature Kitchen - Blue Island Table

I’m quite sure this will be a treasure for someone’s dollhouse kitchen!

You can purchase this now in my shop under Miniature Kitchen section.

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