Decoden Supply – French Sweets Clay Mold

A new decoden supply is now available in my store!

I’m excited to show you how wonderful this new french sweets clay mold can help you create some beautiful creative decoden supplies. You can use them to create jewelry, keychains or to decorate your handphone.

This mold can be used to make several items such as wafer, macarons, chocolates, round cookies, palmier cookie, waffles or ice cream cones.

Do note that there are 2 molds in this purchase!

French sweets mold measures 11.3cm by 7.9cm.

Waffles mold measures 9.6cm by 75cm.

Since the other items are pretty straight forward, I experimented with making the french macaron and the palmier cookie as shown in the photo above 🙂

I’m pleased with the result the mold brings. Although it’s not a silicone mold, which means it’s not flexible and cannot be bend, the mold is still easy to use.

Simply apply a generous amount of baby oil in the mold before putting in the clay. For best results, I strongly recommend that you leave the clay in the mold and let it dry. The imprints will then be very precise and clear.

It’s really easy to clean this mold too. Use some soap and a toothbrush to wash off left over clay that has stuck onto the mold. Wipe clean and let it dry.

Now available in my store under dollhouse miniature supplies.

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