Cute Clay Earrings – Royal Purple Macarons

I wonder why it took me so long to release this set of cute clay earrings featuring macarons in Royal Purple. The shade of Royal Purple is actually the most popular shade in my purple macaron earring series.

It’s not that the other shades are not beautiful, but I am starting to learn that when you release a range of dark to light colour family tones, most people tend to choose something “safe” or “in between”. Nothing too dark or too light. So, that is the trend I am seeing. Of course, there are still some customers who will give the dark shades or lightest shade a go!

Because Royal Purple is the most popular shade, I decided that I will release them in dangling earrings as well, so there is another option for folks to pick if they really adore this Royal Purple shade.

Cute Clay Earrings - Royal Purple Macarons

This magnificent shade of Royal Purple Dangling Macaron Earrings are now available in my shop!

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