Cork Clay Comparison

New in my shop this week are 2 different cork clays. This beautiful non-toxic air dry clay will surely be a hit with those who are into making fake sweets and food.

The good thing about cork clay is that the colour itself is unbeatable. In a natural brown colour, it resembles a lot of food items such as biscuits, tarts, pastry base. This means you don’t have to worry about mixing colours into your clay and getting your fake sweets looking realistic. Upon close inspection, you’ll also see that it has multi specks of cork bits in various brown shades which makes it a winner.

The cork clay comes in 2 different types: Fine Grained or Coarse Grained.

Cork Clay Comparison

The coarse grain clay is a shade lighter than the fine grain cork clay.  Both are truly my favourite and I cannot pick one over another. Just like how pastries come in different textures and colour, both can be used in the same way and will produce a different result.

It works like all other air dry clay – it requires no baking and dries naturally to a hard but lightweight clay.

You can now get your hands on both clays at my shop here!

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