Workshops are now available if you are interested in learning how to create highly realistic dollhouse miniatures! 

In these miniatures workshops, you will learn how to use several techniques and different mediums to create long lasting miniature artwork yourself. Air dry clay, oil colours, wood, acrylic paints are just some of the materials that you will be learning in all of my classes.

Please also take the time to read the information below, which will help you understand how to enroll and pick a workshop.

Note: All workshops are only for adults.

How does your workshop work?

Enjoy learning in a casual, structured, yet highly flexible schedule based on your own availability.

You can pick either Saturday or Sunday, OR both days if you wish!

Saturday: 1.30pm to 4pm

Sunday: 1.30pm to 4pm

How do I enroll?

1. First, decide on which workshop you wish to attend. Scroll below to see the link for workshop offerings. Do note the pre-requisite requirements for some workshops.

2. Decide which date you are available to commence for your first session.

3. Contact me to let me know the workshop you wish to attend, and the date you are available.

4. When the date is confirmed on my end, I will provide you with class venue details.

5. Subsequent sessions can be confirmed again at your own availability.

How do I pick a workshop if I am just a beginner?

Some workshops are better suited for beginners while some are targeted for advanced students. On each course workshop page, you will find this information stated. However if you are still not sure, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Do you only teach what is currently being offered in your workshop offerings?

Yes, at the moment I am only teaching what is being offered on my website. All my projects are planned in a way that time and learning effectiveness is maximized to your benefit.

Do you conduct workshops in groups?

Unfortunately I do not do group workshops, the most I can handle is 2-3 participants at a time, depending on the class offering. Please enquire to find out which are the offerings that I can conduct for 2-3 participants at a time. You will find that my classes are very detailed intensive and therefore I do spend a lot of attention to cater to my students.

I’m a traveling tourist coming to Singapore, can I sign up for your workshops?

Most certainly! I have taught tourists when they were in Singapore, but please email me early to plan out your classes once your trip is confirmed. Most classes require time to prepare and I cannot accede to last minute requests. Although I may be able to make some arrangements to accommodate to your schedule, but I need time to plan ahead. Thank you for your kind attention! 

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