Clay Sweets Book – Making Fake Sweets Accessories

The newest clay sweets book featuring many fake sweets is now out!

I’ve not been excited about a new published book in a long time, and this one is something I’m truly excited about.

It has lots of new, and innovative techniques which one would be surprised about!

Learn the secrets to master dollhouse miniature swiss rolls!  I was fascinated with this!

Learn how to sculpt fake macarons too!

I was also equally fascinated with the tutorial making orange slices…that was mind blowing too.

Although I have tried it, but I must say it’s not that easy, and it definitely takes practice – I know I will practice it again sometime soon.

I think some of the items may be easy for a beginner to catch on and there are also things which will appeal more to intermediate and advanced crafters. You will not be disappointed.

And the key highlight to this book is that it really introduces materials and supplies that you can easily get from your hardware shop, or dollar shop, or Daiso shop!

This book is now available at my store under Craft Books.

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