Clay Paste For Miniature Lace Mold

Introducing the newest product in my shop! I’m excited to introduce a clay paste for especially for miniature lace mold. Simply call it the Lace Maker.

Lace Maker for Miniature Lace Mold

Why the Lace Maker?

I have often received emails from customer asking what is the best way to create lace and doilies from miniature silicone molds easily. Though air dry clay was clearly the best choice back then, I continued testing products to find a way for it to work effortlessly. I have tested quite a few different products, and finally found this that works beautifully.

Compared to other clay paste, this has a sturdier feel (not hard, but strong), which I feel is clearly a winner. If you want a flexible YET sturdy lace, look no further. Other clay paste often turn out flimsy after dried. I also found that it is so easy to peel it off after it is dried thoroughly. See my video link below!

This is a step by step tutorial, and I will show how you can create dollhouse miniature lace beautifully with this product easily!


Prepare your miniature lace mold. Make sure it is clean, and free of dust. If you find it dusty, you can wash it with water and scrub the ridges gently with your fingertips. I have a clean mold below as an example, ready for use.

Clay Paste For Miniature Lace Mold2


You will also need an artist palette knife for this task. Here, I have all the 3 items laid out ready. Completed laces are just for show.

Clay Paste For Miniature Lace Mold1


Open the bottle lid and squeeze just a little of the clay paste onto the artist palette knife. Just a little bit will do! You don’t need a lot. You can always re-apply another layer if you realize there is not enough to cover the mold. Using a little at a time minimizes wastage.

Lace Maker2


Spread out the clay paste onto the silicone lace mold evenly. Ensure that all the ridges are carefully filled with the clay paste. Try to keep all the edges clean. Applying a bit of pressure while you spread it out can help to keep your edges clean.

How to Make Miniature Lace1

How to Make Miniature Lace2


Let the clay paste dry for a few minutes. IF you want to expedite the drying process, you can use a hair dryer to speed things up!

How to Make Miniature Lace3


To remove the lace from the miniature silicone mold, start by peeling the edges off slowly. Peel slowly. IF it is completely dried, you will be able to peel it off easily and there is no wet clay paste remaining on the mold.

How to Use Miniature Lace Mold2

IF you need more laces, please repeat Step 1.

Additional TIPS:

-Clay Paste dries off as a white opaque color. It is slightly flexible, but has a rather sturdy feel.

-IF you need to make MULTIPLE colored lace, find an air tight container, squeeze some of the clay paste into the container. Add some acrylic color into it. Stir well. Repeat Step 1.

-Clay Paste does NOT only work on all the silicone lace molds, but it will also work on shallow, thin molds such as miniature doily mold , miniature alphabet mold , miniature snowflake mold.  Endless possibilities!!

How to Use Miniature Lace Mold1

Short Video 1:

I made a short video to show you how easy it is to peel off the lace from the silicone mold. I meant it when I say it’s very strong yet flexible when dried!

I hope you enjoy this free tutorial! 🙂

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