Clay Miniature Food – Mixed Fruit Tart

I found a new home for my clay miniature food – a mixed fruit tart in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale.

After I finished making this fruit tart, I put it in various project scenes which were still work in progress to see which would be the best fit…

Although this is not the first time I’ve made a mixed fruit tart, this time round, I focused on making a really crusty looking tart base. In this process, I’ve changed the materials I’ve used, and I’ve also tweaked my painting techniques.

I think it has found a permanent spot in one of my projects and I’m so happy with it.

In fact I’m more than thrilled that in the past few days, I’ve gained great progress for one of my projects which I started 6 months ago.

I hope to share photos with you soon!

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