Clay Dessert Food Prop!

I made my first clay dessert macaron lollipop a couple of months ago. I had some clay macaron shells lying around and with some lollipop sticks, I thought it would be perfect to turn them into macaron pops!

I sold my first macaron pop clay dessert too, to a sweet customer in Australia, and here’s my 2nd piece. It is different in colour from the first one – this is a much more sweeter pink. But I’ve continued to use satin ribbon to decorate it. 🙂 The cream filling is a vanilla cream filling – you can see the vanilla beans in it.

Macaron Lollipop

For this particular one, I’m letting it go at a lower price — Just because there is a little nipon the back of the macaron shell, at the bottom. It is almost not noticeable.

Perfect to be used as birthday parties prop, wedding props, anything you can think of. 🙂

If you need more than 1 piece, please feel free to contact me here.

You can purchase my food props here.


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