Clay Colors – Colors for clay food

One of the most interesting and exciting things to do as an artist is being able to play and experiment with new materials, supplies or things that I come across which I think would be fun!

It was exciting when I stumbled upon these new clay colors and I was dying to try them out in my own clay food experimentation.

What I am really excited about most about this product is  – this solves a lot of problems for many of the craft enthusiasts who are having a hard time trying to find the right color shade for certain clay food.

One of the most important aspects in making highly realistic clay food is having the right clay color.

These colors are really spot on. No more second guessing if this shade would work or not! I have tried making miniature jellies, coloring fruits with them and they are just perfect. I think they would also make fantastic syrup drinks and desserts, and the results are perfect that I know you would love them.

How to use:

  • Paint your clay after it is dried. The color is translucent and gives a beautiful glossy sheen.
  • Mix it with your craft resin

I hope you will have fun playing with them because I did 🙂 And now I am offering these 3 shades Orange Syrup, Strawberry Syrup and Melon Syrup in my webstore under dollhouse miniature supplies.




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