Craft Class: My Pink Gerbera

8.7cm by 3.5cm



In this workshop, you will learn to :

- Create the pink gerbera daisies and elegant box.

- Assemble, paint and distress the chair.


Course Fees: S$160 (includes usage of materials and tools to make 1 set, including chair.)

Duration: Takes approximately 1-2 lessons; depending on individual progress (2.5 hrs each)

Class Schedule: Saturday or Sunday, 1.30pm to 4pm (Please pick a date you can start and email me to confirm your date of availability)

Venue: Jurong West (Address will be provided upon schedule confirmation)

Note: All classes are only for adults. 

Rescheduling Policy:

I will need at least 2 weeks notice in the event you wish to reschedule a class you have registered.

Being that last minute reschedules come at the expense of others who wish to take classes, in the event that anyone does this, I will require from them a 50% upfront deposit on future classes they take. In the event of a no-show or last minute re-schedule, this deposit will be non-refundable.

To register or enquiries, please Contact me.



1. Can I learn even if I have no prior experience with air dry clay or wood work?

ANS: Of course! As all classes are conducted one to one by myself, I will be there to guide you step by step. Everyone of us learn differently and it is through these individual sessions that I can modify techniques accordingly to suit you. At the end of the course, please bring a box so that you can bring your masterpiece home. :)


2. What if I would like to make another piece?

ANS: There are some basic materials that can be bought locally, and for those that are not found locally, they can be pre-ordered through me.


3. What do I need to prepare for the classes?

ANS: All materials will be provided, so you do not need to bring along anything. Just enjoy a fun afternoon of miniatures creating together with me :)


4. Can I take photographs during the workshop?

ANS: As the classes are held in my private residence, I do not allow photography during the workshops.

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