Flowers For Delivery - Miniatures Workshop

Height: approximately 7cm

Width: 11cm

"Flowers For Delivery" is a miniature workshop that teaches you how to give an ordinary looking miniature scooter a complete makeover transformation!  Imagine a flower delivery old-fashioned scooter, on its way to deliver a fresh bouquet of hydrangeas to its customer.  

This workshop is suitable for those who thoroughly enjoy painting, as you will be doing a lot of painting in this workshop. You will also be required to do additional painting back home, so materials will be provided for you.

Besides masking, priming and painting techniques, you will also learn how to create the hydrangeas by hand using air dry clay.

Note: In order to attend this class, you must complete the Cupcake Deli Case and My Pink Gerbera craft classes. These are prerequisite courses.

Course Fees: S$600 for 4 lessons (includes usage of materials and tools to make 1 set)

Duration: 4 lessons; depending on individual progress (2.5 hrs each session) If you exceed beyond 4 lessons, each subsequent lesson after that will be an additional fee of $120/hr with a 30 minutes minimum charge.

Class Schedule: Saturday or Sunday, 1:30pm to 4pm - Please pick a date you can start and email me to confirm your date of availability.

Venue: Jurong West (Address will be provided upon confirmation)

Note: All classes are only for adults.

To register, please contact me here.

Rescheduling/Postponement Policy:

I will need at least a week's notice in the event you wish to reschedule a class. Being that last minute reschedules come at the expense of others who wish to take classes, in the event of no-show or less than a day's notice, I will require a $30 non-refundable fee before rescheduling.

Booking Policy:

For this workshop, I will required an upfront payment of S$100 at the point of booking this workshop as there are tools and materials to procure especially for this. This is to ensure you have everything ready since you have to continue painting the scooter in the comfort of your own home. We will review your paint work each session. Please book this class in advance. Please note that in the event that you cancel after making the payment, it will be non-refundable.


1. Can I learn even if I have no prior experience with air dry clay or wood work?

For this particular craft class, it is essential that you have basic skills and experience handling air dry clay as well as making flowers. It is important that you are comfortable with handling intricate details as there are a lot of details when it comes to making flowers which beginners might find it too taxing and tedious. Therefore, students must attend the Cupcake Deli Case and My Pink Gerbera before taking this class.


2. What if I would like to make another piece?

There are some basic materials that can be bought locally, and for those that are not found locally, you can pre-order through me. 


3. What do I need to prepare for the classes?

All materials and tools will be provided during the classes, so you do not need to bring along anything. Just enjoy a fun afternoon of miniatures creating together with me. :)


4. Can I take photographs during the workshop?

As the classes are held in my private residence, I do not allow photography during the workshops.

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