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I’m Pei Li, the creator behind Pei Li’s Miniatures. As a young child, I have always been interested in crafts. It was not until in my adulthood that I found what I really love - making 1:12 scale miniatures. When I started attending some clay classes locally and overseas several years ago, it ignited my passion to seek and learn more, especially in making 1:12 scale dollhouse miniatures. I have since been making and experimenting ways to create realistic miniature art pieces. My design style is a mixture of shabby chic, worn out elegance and whimsical.
Creating miniatures is a unique and interesting passion to me as it combine several interests that I all love: home/interior decorating, furniture making and creating realistic desserts and flowers out of air dry clay. It is a rewarding passion that I can go on for hours, and in return, a miniature artwork to be treasured forever.
It is my sincere desire that through my miniature creations, you would be transported into a world of fantasy and delight. One of my goals is to use my unique talent to help transform the lives of people in need, and hence I decided to start my own website to make this a really special place - where I can all make it happen here.
Pei Li Miniatures is a small home-based business and a one woman show. Purchasing from Pei Li Miniatures doesn't help some big shot buy a new high tech gadget or go on expensive vacations. Each purchase literally helps me pay my bills and rent, buy groceries and support my family. I am truly grateful for all my customers - Thank you so much for all your support over the years!


Yours Sincerely,