Here are some of my students testimonials. This page will be updated often.


"Hi Pei Li, Thank you for the lesson today. Totally Love it!"


Julie Tay

24 June 2017


"Pei Li, I'm just amazed by the Gerbera Daisies. It's so nice! I managed to see your instagram it's so pretty! Can I do another class this weekend?"


Amber Ling

21 Nov 2016


"This is my second workshop with Pei Li. Just like the first time, I felt really delighted and happy with this clay workshop. Maison De Patisserie still taught me the basic skills such as how to glue and combine the material properly. My skills were improved by learning how to make the dessert cups and the shelf that were a lot harder than English Tea Time Workshop. I'd say that all of this was worth every penny, time, and effort that I spent and made. No matter what hard challenges I was facing while making it, I still felt really happy and enthusiastic to finish it. Pei Li herself is always supportive and helpful to her student. She let me choose colors, cake decorations and other elements for my own work. And once again, just like the first time, I'm looking forward to have the third workshop with her."



9 August 2014



"Truly enjoy the Cupcake Deli Case Workshop with Pei Li.

She provides a lot of "rules of thumb" and knowledge on clay that make the class easier to understand. She even shares with me where to buy the material and which brand is better.

A very helpful and patient teacher I have met so far.

Looking forward to go for the English Tea Cart soon."


Joyce Liu

9 Sep 2013


"I thoroughly enjoyed my Cupcake Deli Case Workshop with Pei Li. I was worried that I would have a difficult time but Pei Li made me feel comfortable and guided me every step of the way. She was paitent with me and gave me tips when she saw me struggle a bit. I am very pleased and happy with the end product which I proudly showed my husband who was impressed as well.  Thanks Pei Li and I hope to schedule other classes with you."



22 Feb 2013


"The Cupcake Deli Case Workshop delivers what it promises. Pei Li did an outstanding job! A very perfect workshop for beginners. Pei Li is one of the most encouraging teacher. Her knowledge and sharing personality will make you feel confident, relax and have fun with miniature crafting with air dry clay. Through this workshop I have gotten much more confidence with miniature crating using air dry clay. Thank YOU sweet Pei Li!"


Jacqueline Low

3 Jan 2013


"Taking air-dry clay craft classes in overseas actually made me nervous, but that feeling didn't last because eventually it was so fun and comfortable. I learnt new things to improve my skills in making food miniatures and had so much fun at the same time. Pei Li is an awesome teacher. She's really nice and whole-heartedly gave her best. It really helped me to get the best result for my English Tea Cart! I expect to go there & take air-dry clay craft classes with her again!"



23 Aug 2012


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First Clay Making Session

My Boulangerie Set




"It is my first time making things out of air dry clay and I am glad to have Pei Li to guide me with my English Tea Cart. She is a very patient, detailed and organized teacher. She also gives advice on "Dos and Don'ts" in making miniature clay. At the end of 3 lessons, I managed to finish the beautiful English Tea Cart with her help and at the same time learnt alot about miniature clay from her." 

Min Qi

4 Mar 2012


"It was an eye-opening workshop which introduced me to the basics of the making of clay minatures. Peili is a patient and pleasant instructor and gives you undivided attention during the class on an one-on-one basis. The best part was the completion of the project, when you get to bring home the product of your hardwork!" 



21 July 2011



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