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I SAW. I DANCED. I LOVED. Pei is good, not just good, but INSANELY great. ;) I'm pretty sure her eyes shoot off twinkling rainbow laser beams, spraying and etching just the right amount of color and hue into each and every mold of clay, her nimble fingers working at the speed of light. She is a mad artist, except she is a GORGEOUS mad artist without the eccentric hair and crazy outfits. SHE IS SO GOOD. Insanely good. ;) I just heart this to the moon! :)

Deborah from USA

5 October 2015


Hi Pei,


I have received today your miniatures.

I love your work, very pretty.


Thanks again to you!

Jacqueline from France

13 April 2013


Dear Pei Li,

I received your package...exceptional craftsmanship!!! Gorgeous earrings! They are magic, sweet and very tender! And fantastic and very realistic miniature kitchen accessories! Thank you so much for these beautiful and amazing works! I am very happy and doubtless will come back to your shop again!

I wish you good luck, inspiration and creative success!

Galina from Russia

26 Jan 2013


Dear Pei Li,

My tiny Christmas tree cupcakes arrived today and they are absolutely beautiful! I love them! I love all of your creations and I look forward to ordering from you again soon!

Christina from Edinburgh,UK

25 Jul 2012


Hi Pei Li, just wanted to let you know that I received the macaroons. Thanks so much! They are just perfect and exactly what I wanted :)


3 May 2012


THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!  Just read through all the bread tutorial and it's soooooo simple!!!!!  I CAN DO THIS!!!  YEAH!!!!


10 Feb 2012


Pei Li your peonies are the most exquisite I have ever seen. They are breathtakingly beautiful. The detail is so minute which adds to the absolute realism. Thank you for making these beauties available. 

Rosy from Australia

21 Oct 2011


I purchased these coloring books for my neices.  They absolutely love it.  The designs are so detailed and unique.  And the cut outs are a nice added bonus.  Being that these books come all the way from Japan, and are not sold here - makes them a very unique and special gift.

Paul G

19 Sep 2011


Hi Pei Li,

The cake is beautiful! It has such pretty colors! Thank you again so much!


13 Sep 2011


I've known Pei Li for her beautiful miniature work. I'm so fortunate to collaborate with her this time round. Instead of 1:12 scale, she made me a larger tray. The beautiful french rustic tray is hand made, painted and distressed from scratch to absolute perfection. The delicate handwork has left me speechless when I first opened up my parcel. Her French Rustic Tray has inspired me in so many ways to plate up my goodies. Do check out her beautiful tray used to plate up real treats (from bagels, to dark chocolate cherry mousse shots to French Madeleine) at Although the treats are already wholesome and delicious, the tray just made them even more irresistible

Pei Li in my opinion certainly has the eyes for details!

All the best to future endeavours!!



1 August 2011


Great news! My package arrived today. It is as lovely and detailed as shown on your website. I love all of them. I can't wait to see what else you can create. Have a great day!

Li-Ping Pavlovic

28 June 2011


I love the pastry! The colours are wonderful. Thank you so much. I will be ordering more of the Mont Blanc from you, one is not enough!


19 June 2011


This is exactly what I was looking for :) I appreciate the hard work you put in making this miniature.

Nur Akmal

8 May 2011


I am in LOVE with all the gorgeous items you sent me!! The daisies and table are just so beautiful! And I can't believe you added some extras for me!! I love love love them so much!

Jacqueline Low

15 April 2011


Hi Pei Li, oh I love these, amazing work, so tiny and perfect. You are an exquisite artist, and I am so happy to add to my collection.

Every time I look at your wonderful work, it brings a huge smile to my face :)


10 Mar 2011


Oh Pei Li the gerbera is so life like. It is a most magnificient piece of art. You have been so kind with the extra macarons....exquisite.

Thankyou so much!


23 Nov 2010


Hi Pei Li,

Yesterday the rose wreath arrived!
And it's so beautifull.....I can't believe my eyes.
It it is so tiny and delicate...I can't stop looking at it!!!!!!!!!!
You are a great artist.
Thank you for the quick delivery and till next time!

Love, Anita

23 Sep 2010