Make Miniature Bread Accessories using Bread Dough Make Miniature Bread Accessories using Bread Dough Make Miniature Bread Accessories using Bread Dough
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Make Miniature Bread Accessories using Bread Dough
This is a refreshing, unique craft book featuring miniature bread items using real bread dough, glue and acrylic lacquer varnish! You will need to bake these items. The advantage of using real bread dough in making miniature bread accessories is that the finish is very realistic looking. Transform these items into keychains, jewelry items such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, charms and more. 

This is a beautifully designed book. All the photos and instructions are in high quality. 

Suitable for beginners, intermediate crafters and anyone who is fascinated with creating your own miniature bread accessories! 

Items that you create can be made into bag charms, key chains, magnet, strap and earphone jack, brooch, earrings. 

This book is written in Japanese. A total of 64 pages.

You will learn how to make various breads such as :
1. Bagel
2. An Pan Bread
3. Teddy Bear Bread
4. Horn Bread
5. Turtle Bread
6. Sesame Bread
7. Matcha Bread
8. Cinnamon Rolls
9. Milk Loaf Bread
10: Bun Rolls
11. Braided Bread

Although the book is entirely in Japanese, please rest assured that the colored photos are very clear so users will be able to follow the steps.

Book is shipped in a hard back envelope, therefore it cannot be shipped together with other items.
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