Dollhouse Miniature Food Craft Book - Create One Plate Dishes Dollhouse Miniature Food Craft Book - Create One Plate Dishes
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This is the newest dollhouse miniature food craft book published in 2018 written by Mayu Sekiguchi. She has produced several miniature craft books to date and is definitely one of the best writers of this subject matter. 

In this newest book, learn to make one plate miniature dishes such as Japanese riceballs with grilled fish and various side dishes, Western styled dishes featuring toast, salad, soup and various vegetables, cold cut meats, sweet desserts. There are tons to learn in this book! Mix and match all the dishes, in whichever way you like. 

If you are a fan of making dollhouse miniature food, you don't want to miss this comprehensive book! This is a book packed with tons of clear step by step photos which you can follow while creating a wide variety of miniature food. All items are created using air dry clay using sculpting and coloring techniques. 

You will learn - 
? top notch air dry clay techniques including sculpting 
? molding with epoxy putty
? realistic painting techniques 
? using UV resin to make utensils 

This book is written in Japanese. Full coloured high quality pages. A total of 79 pages.

Some of the miniature food items you will learn:

- Toast 
- English muffin
- Cereal rice ball
- Japanese rice ball
- Waffles
- Pancake
- Tart base
- Grilled potatoes
- Grilled Zuccini
- Grilled cucumber
- Grilled onion
- Grilled pumpkin slice
- Boiled radish
- Sweet potato
- Lotus slice
- Shitake mushroom
- Asparagus
- Button mushroom
- Brussels sprout
- Red radish
- Purple onion 
- Lettuce slice
- Tomato slices
- Simmered dish
- Pickle dish
- Mackerel
- Salmon
- Boiled half egg
- Roast beef
- Pastrami beef
- Hamburger patty
- Salami
- Black pepper beef soup
- fruit sauce or jam
- Various fruit slices such as apple, banana, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi, orange, dried cranberry

Although the book is entirely in Japanese, please rest assured that the photos are very clear so users will be able to follow the steps.

Book is shipped in a hard back envelope, therefore it cannot be shipped together with other items.
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