Grace Light Weight Clay - No Bake Clay - Decoden Clay Grace Light Weight Clay - No Bake Clay - Decoden Clay Grace Light Weight Clay - No Bake Clay - Decoden Clay
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High quality light weight clay by Grace. White in colour. Non-transparent clay.

This lightweight clay is light and easy to sculpt, making it ideal for use in the creation of miniature sweets replicas. It can realistically reproduce the appearance of cookie or muffin dough as well as the texture of ice cream, macarons and cakes.

Because of its beautiful texture that you can thin it out without breaking, it is also suitable to make flowers.

Awesome texture, you will not be disappointed! No cracks or breakages with this clay.

This is an air dry clay, which hardens by natural drying. You can mix the clay with model paints, watercolors, oil paints or acrylic paints. You can also further paint it after drying.

The difference between light weight and super light weight is in its dampness and weight.
Grace Lightweight-type(15cc)
Damp : 10g
Dryness : 7g

Because Grace lightweight clay does not include the pulp (fiber), the surface is smooth.
After the drying process, Grace clay is rich in flexibility, and is difficult to break.

This is NOT edible. Please keep out of reach from small children and make sure that clay is not mistakenly ingested.

After opening, you can store the clay by using cling wrap to wrap the package tightly. Make sure that no air gets into the package. Then put the package into ziplock bag.

When you purchase combined items with this clay, it will be shipped in a box.

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