Clay Coloring Paint - Cookie Color Clay Coloring Paint - Cookie Color
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Produced by Tamiya, this is a high quality clay coloring paint best suitable for making dollhouse miniature clay foods.

This cookie paint is best used for painting and making cookies, cakes, pastries.

Why use this:
This is a highly realistic acrylic cookie color that gives your item a beautiful light ochre hue. No more tearing your hair out getting realistic colors. Its water-based qualities make it easy to work with and clean. It is compatible with all kinds of air dry clay and polymer clay.

The paint is fairly thick, not watery. So if you choose to mix it into your clay, it does not make it sticky like many other acrylic paints.

How to use:
There is more than 1 way to use this product!

1. Mix paint into clay and knead well before sculpting your item OR
2. Paint your food items after they are dried as a last step process.

Both ways work beautifully!

This product comes with an English instruction sheet, so you will have no problems following and using it with ease!


This is a supply intended for adults. Not suitable for young children.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

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