Craft Resin (For making jellies, sauces, jams) Craft Resin (For making jellies, sauces, jams)
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Craft resin for making dollhouse miniature jellies, sauces, jams.

Create your own sauces or jellies with this!

Easy to use, and no baking required!

You will need to add your own colouring to this craft resin. Suggest to use glass paints or acrylic paints to create colours.

How to use:

The ratio is always 3:1

3 drops of A and 1 drop of H

If you need a larger portion, always increase accordingly to the ratio.

Use a small container to hold your drops when you mix the craft resin.

For the most accurate measurement, you may also get a digital scale to weigh your craft resin ratios properly before mixing it together.

Use a toothpick to mix craft resin and your colours well before transfering to your mold.

Leave craft resin to dry naturally overnight. Takes about 16 hours to dry completely.

Once dried, it is hard.

Please note that this is NOT suitable for young children.

It will be shipped in a sturdy box.

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