New Miniature Supplies and Books!

It’s been a while again! I’ve been busy crafting but I’m also excited I have some new clays to play with! I have gotten some Grace Super Light Weight clay here available. I do intend to review once I have some time.

As for craft books, one of the books I’m fascinated with is Miniature Pan. It’s a Japanese craft book that focuses on all sort of miniature bread. In Japan, pan is also known as bread.


I think this book is really well designed. The styling of the photos, right down to the photo quality and steps are well executed. I really love this book and I think anyone will be inspired to make some miniature bread once you flip through those pages. I know I did!

I think I want to make some cinnamon rolls first!

Seriously, there are more than 15 different sort of breads you can learn to make from that book! Even for the sandwiches, you will learn how to make sausages, bacon, ham. How awesome!

I’ll give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars 🙂

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