Food Jewelry – Air Dry Clay Religieuse Earrings

I experimented and made these religieuse food jewelry using air dry clay just the other day. I have attempted to make them in 1:12 dollhouse miniature scale before a while ago. This time round, when I think of making them into earrings, I knew I had to make a bigger version so that it shows up when someone wears them.

I’m really pleased with these religieuse earrings – even though I’ve not eaten this French pastry in real life before yet. 😉

The cream fascinates me, and the endless possibilities of creating them in different flavours fascinates me as well. 🙂

According to wiki answer, A religieuse is a pastry made of two “choux” of choux pastry filled with custard. A chou is placed on top of the other, then sealed to it.
“Religieuse” meaning “nun”, the top chou is supposed to represent the nun’s head and the bottom one, her body.

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Most of my first time experiment with something new are often in pink colour – my favourite. I will be making these in other flavors too, so please look out for them in my shop!

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