Air Dry Clay Book Review – Fake Sweets & Decoration Life

This air dry clay book review is for the Book title: Fake Sweets & Decoration Life.

Written by the famous and talented artist, Anzu Takazawa, this is actually her second air dry clay craft book. The first was called Welcome to Apricot Cafe.

Published in 2010, this is a 94 full colour pages book written entirely in Japanese.

What I liked about this book:

  • Easy to understand pictorial instructions
  • Includes new and refreshing tutorials such as roasted almonds, raisins, drinks, chiffon cake and more!
  • Recommends inexpensive supplies which are easy to find in daiso shop
  • Many projects for you to choose from, including drinks such as caffe latte, cappuccino, lemon tea, herbal tea.

For more details on the list of items that is actually taught in this air dry clay book, you can see the product listing here.

I really like the interesting ideas that she recommends, which include a new coloring method that involves using ink stamp pad. I find that pretty innovative as most  craft books these days will be recommending acrylic paints.

For beginners, I really think you would be open to a new world of unlimited possibilities as well as projects to work on! Even if you are just browsing the photo tutorials, I’m sure you will gain so much ideas and wondered how these miniatures are being created.

I am intrigued by this very simple yet realistic green tea chiffon cake..hence I have to show you a photo of it!

And here is an example of how their photo step by step illustration looks like.

Learn to make these realistic cookies!

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