New Miniature Supplies and Books!

It’s been a while again! I’ve been busy crafting but I’m also excited I have some new clays to play with! I have gotten some Grace Super Light Weight clay here available. I do intend to review once I have some time.

As for craft books, one of the books I’m fascinated with is Miniature Pan. It’s a Japanese craft book that focuses on all sort of miniature bread. In Japan, pan is also known as bread.


I think this book is really well designed. The styling of the photos, right down to the photo quality and steps are well executed. I really love this book and I think anyone will be inspired to make some miniature bread once you flip through those pages. I know I did!

I think I want to make some cinnamon rolls first!

Seriously, there are more than 15 different sort of breads you can learn to make from that book! Even for the sandwiches, you will learn how to make sausages, bacon, ham. How awesome!

I’ll give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars :)

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Dollhouse Miniature Gingerbread House Mold

It’s been a while, but I’m truly pleased that there are new molds in my shop every now and then.

One of which is a push mold that makes 1:12 scale gingerbread house.

It is recommended that you let air dry clay dry in the mold itself, so that your gingerbread house wall structures are all straight and nice before you assemble it. :)

I like how easy and effortless it is now to make your own dollhouse miniature gingerbread houses. Decorate yours in anyway you like!

1:12 Scale Gingerbread House Mold

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Grace Jewelry Line Flex Clay and Sukerukun Clay

I’m excited to bring you more new clays into my shop!

First of all, Grace Jewelry Line Flex Clay is now available in my shop! This is a little different from the earlier Grace Jewelry Line clay.  The flex clay is flexible, which makes it most suitable to make items such as bracelets and necklaces!

Grace Jewelry Line Flex Clay

Also available in my shop is Sukerukun Clay. A fantastic transparent clay. Perfect for making things like gummy bears, jelly beans, fruit slices, and anything semi transparent.

Sukerukun Clay

Now available at my Etsy shop here

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Dollhouse Miniature Metal Flower Cutter

Hello all! It’s been a while again. I’ve been busy teaching some workshops and working along here quietly.

I’ve some new supplies stocked in my shop. One of the things is this dollhouse miniature metal flower cutter. The petal shape is so delicate and petite. I’m sure you’ll have a blast making flowers or decorating your pastries and cakes with it!

This is perfect for air dry clay.

Dollhouse Metal Flower Cutter

You will make 4 different sizes of petals with this flower cutter. The larger ones are perfect for 1/12 scale and the smaller ones are perfect for 1/24 scale. For measurements, please see listing here.


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Dollhouse Shabby Art – Summer Time


Summer time is here again! Time flies! I’ve made some new dollhouse framed art. This was partly inspired by a song I heard. I also imagined all the cool summer activities most would love to indulge. In this case, I was drawn into mostly nature activities, which was the main theme of this poster art.

I made this into 3 colours – Pink, Blue and Green.

Have a beautiful summer!

Dollhouse Framed Art

Dollhouse Shabby Art

Dollhouse Miniature Art Poster

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New Miniature Molds

It has been busy over here for the last few months! But I’m happy to bring you new products, and these are some new miniature molds that are new in my shop!

There are going to be some more new molds coming in, so please stay tuned.

They can be found at my shop here.

New miniature molds


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How To Color Air Dry Clay

One of the things new users to air dry clay would often wonder is how to color air dry clay. I can understand why this question would pop up, especially if you have been using polymer clay or have seen many polymer clay videos. The way to color air dry clay is different from polymer clay.

There is no absolute one way to do it, which is possibly the beauty of air dry clay. There is truly a lot of flexibility in methods and techniques.

The product which I am going to introduce you today will help to achieve colored air dry clay. And the best thing is, it can be used in 2 ways. So it all depends on what you are making, and which way you prefer. All you need to do is spend some time to experiment and try it for yourself!

This clay coloring paint, produced by Tamiya comes in 4 different colours : Cookie, Strawberry, Blueberry, Chocolate

You can probably guess what each color is being used for just by their names.

How To Color Air Dry Clay


The english instruction sheet included with the paint suggests that you mix the color with air dry clay. The good thing is, unlike other water acrylic paints, this paint is quite thick. Therefore it does not make your clay sticky when you use this method. That is a plus point.

Another method that you can use to color your clay is to use it like acrylic paint – Paint your items after they are dried as a last step process. The good thing about this method is that you will save a lot since you only use a bit of paint each time you paint.

The tamiya color paints are now available in my shop here!

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Cork Clay Comparison

New in my shop this week are 2 different cork clays. This beautiful non-toxic air dry clay will surely be a hit with those who are into making fake sweets and food.

The good thing about cork clay is that the colour itself is unbeatable. In a natural brown colour, it resembles a lot of food items such as biscuits, tarts, pastry base. This means you don’t have to worry about mixing colours into your clay and getting your fake sweets looking realistic. Upon close inspection, you’ll also see that it has multi specks of cork bits in various brown shades which makes it a winner.

The cork clay comes in 2 different types: Fine Grained or Coarse Grained.

Cork Clay Comparison

The coarse grain clay is a shade lighter than the fine grain cork clay.  Both are truly my favourite and I cannot pick one over another. Just like how pastries come in different textures and colour, both can be used in the same way and will produce a different result.

It works like all other air dry clay – it requires no baking and dries naturally to a hard but lightweight clay.

You can now get your hands on both clays at my shop here!

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Miniature Push Mold Tips

I’m always learning something new about these fabulous miniature push molds.

I’m especially referring to the dollhouse miniature plates push mold. When you’re making a dollhouse miniature plate, you have to take care of the entire shape and look from a 3D perspective. With this mold, you can turn the mold around to check your work when you make your own plates.

Miniature Push Mold for Dinner Plates

While making my own plates, I also found something absolutely fascinating with this push mold.

I use air dry clay to make my own plates. Today, I am going to share this neat trick after experimenting it several times.

It is truly possible to make perfect miniature plates out from the push mold without sanding or touching up anything! Yes, you heard me! It is possible.

The trick is to use the right amount of clay and use the top push mold to press it to perfection. 

It works beautifully, but you just have to be patient to keep testing with the right amount of clay. Most of you who have the tendency to pick up more than enough clay will need to keep reducing clay until you see zero clay spill over in the mold.

Here are the steps:

1. Roll a ball of clay and press it lightly into the plate mold.

Miniature Plate Mold Tips

2. Then use top push mold to further press to shape.

3. If you see clay spilling over the edge of the mold, remove lid and reduce clay by pinching some out. Repeat Step 1.

Miniature Push Mold Tips

4. Use top push mold to press all around, making sure that your “plate” is even from all sides. Keep checking for spill overs at the same time. Check by looking through the mold from top, bottom and all sides. Do not remove top mold throughout the checking process to prevent the shape from distorting.

5. When you are happy with how the plate looks, just keep the lid on and do not remove it until plate dries entirely. For air dry clay, I estimate that drying time will be about a day.

Miniature Silicone Push Mold Tips

You may open the lid the next day, and let the plate dry further. Until the plate dries entirely, then remove it from the mold. Flip over and you’ll see that the bottom details are all captured nicely!

Have fun creating your plates now!

You can shop for the plates mold here.



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New Dollhouse Miniature Molds

Newly stocked dollhouse miniature molds in my shop this week!

I’m pleased to bring you 2 new molds in my shop. There will be more new molds coming your way this year, so please stay tuned and check back often!

The first mold helps you to make several different mini flowers. I know you’ll have a blast with this.

Dollhouse Miniature Mold - Mini Flowers

What I love about this mold is you can make several small enough items fit for 1:12 scale or even 1:24 scale in this single mold! It is flexible, so you can bend it.

But if you want to get the perfect shaped item, I would strongly recommend that you wait till the air dry clay is dried before removing the item out from the clay. This would ensure that your shape stays intact!

The second mold helps you to create several christmas decorations!

Dollhouse Miniature Molds - Christmas Decorations

You can find these molds, along with others in my shop here.

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